Residencies 2018


L'Observatoire received the visit of 4 resident artists one after the other throughout the year: Daniela Beltrani, Alpana Vij, Dean Zeus Colman and Elke Reinhuber, each occupying the studio for a month at a time. From experimenting with space and time (Daniela) or leaves , golden thread and concrete (Alpana), playing with the art market (Dean Zeus) and finally observing the architecture of Singapore en route to the studio (Elke), each artist used the studio and the community in their own way . In between guest residents, as permanent resident, I continued my own experiments within the community, with the help of Amelia Han, intern at l'Observatoire from May till October.


As l'Observatoire enters its 3rd year at Blue House, it might be useful to clarify what i mean by "experiment". By definition, all art is experimental: as long as you have an idea of what you want to achieve but are not sure of the end result, it can be called an experiment.

From working with scientists, I have learned that there are certain elements of the scientist's practice which artists can appropriate. From starting with an observation, making a hypothesis before starting the work, to changing initial conditions to modify the result, these are some of the ways. Responding to the material on hand rather than imposing an artist's idea - staying open even as an idea fails to materialise, repeating the experiment - those are other ways to work like a scientist. 

As I observed all the different artists, I enjoyed watching how much like a scientist they work. The curiosity and the diving into the unknown seemed like a common drive. The result is a new set of questions to continue working with. And the viewer gets to ask questions too...

ENTER 2019

2019 will be a year with even more experimentations, as the invited artists will be prompted to imagine new ways of exploring art-making. "Interactive" will definitely be the direction for the works, in the wider sense of the word. As usual, the children from Blue House International Pre-School will be first to experiment and test the artists' work, but the general public will also be invited to view and participate. We hope to stay an experimental space, and hope to attract galleries and museums to come and observe the results of these incubations.

Artists of 2018

A year of experiments

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