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Solargraphy Singapore

August - September 2021

by Isabelle Desjeux

Solargraphy Singapore is a project by Isabelle Desjeux to record the sun’s trajectory in Singapore from as many sites as possible with the help of community members. In December 2020, over 100 aluminium can-pinhole cameras, each loaded with photo paper, were distributed to voluntary participants across Singapore. The sun's trajectory was recorded for 3 to 6 months, and the cans opened between March - July 2021.


This August, the plan is to finally put together all the images collected from the cameras, and make some sense from it. 

What discoveries will Isabelle make?

What else will be created from all this data?

Virtual Open Studio: Part I

And... How can an aluminium can take a photo?

What do these photos even look like?

Is there a reason for starting this project in December 2020? 

These are some of the questions we prompted in the event invitation for the first Virtual Open Studio for Solargraphy Singapore. Since the main motivation behind the project is to introduce Solargraphy to more people and encourage personal explorations with it, Isabelle decided to talk through the participatory process of the project in the Open Studio session. What worked out, what failed, what were the new discoveries if any? Isabelle also shared about her personal experimentations with Solargraphy. 

We went live online for this Virtual Open Studio session, below is the recorded version.

Tune in to check out how the sun had been caught all over Singapore!

Be sure to visit Solargraphy SG for more information and resources on Solargraphy.

Gallery - Community Contributions


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