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Residencies 2020-2022


Continuing to invite artists in the studio proved difficult during this period, as we rely on the community to make the residency alive. Sharing with the children, parents or the public was not possible... as such specific projects were undertaken mostly by permanent resident artist Isabelle.


We adapted...

Patricia Zahnbrecher (July 2021) created a special exhibition which could be viewed in the window, and invited small groups to participate. 

Jevon Chandra (March 2022) was in the studio as a small transition from Europe back to Singapore, preparing his work Other Things to be exhibited at Art Agenda S.E.A., Singapore

Smiha Kapoor (March 2022) Immersed herself in the seeds and eventually produced a body of works exhibited at Kult Kafe From June until end of August


ENTER 2023

This will be the final year for l'Observatoire at Blue House as the building will be returned to SLA by the end of the year and the site will be developed for residential purpose

Interested in the residency?

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