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May 2018

What's On My Yoga Mat Today

Daniela is an artist based in Singapore. In 2011, she attained her MA in Contemporary Asian Art Histories from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore; and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology in 2018. She also holds coach certificates for 500-hour Yoga Instructor, Sound Practitioner, and Mindfulness.


Her latest series From Human Doing to Human Being has the intentions of facilitating a meaningful encounter between artist and audience, where response from the audience is elicited from levels of consciousness beyond mind, intellect, and ego.. This process hopes to provide a view to recover our sense of true self through actions of meditative quality that are carried out with mindfulness, and in repetition, stillness, silence, and/or nonverbal communication.

Daniela's experiments for the month

  • The THEME I choose will be self-awareness (the gnothi seauton of Greek tradition).

  • The inspiring IMAGE will be the Narciso painting, attributed to Caravaggio and exhibited at Palazzo Barberini, Roma, Italy. 

  • The ELEMENT from nature will be water.

  • The MENTOR will be the Stoic emperor Marcus Aurelius (Meditations).

  • The BOOK I plan to read during this time in relation to the theme is The Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell.

The Residency

Communicating through the screen that Daniela has been building in the space during her residency.

In an interesting twist to the usual "children get inspired by the artists", Daniela Beltrani has decided that her reflections on 10 years in Singapore should take the form of an illustrated storybook similar to the ones SK children from Blue House shared with her! #whatsonmyyogamattoday

The Rainbow Monkey - a book by Daniela Beltrani inspired by the children of Blue House

OPEN STUDIO - Exhibited artworks and studio installation

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