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Graphic Plastic

June - July 2021

As artists, we are always looking for new materials to experiment with. Initiated by the challenge of proposing a workshop for 4-5 year olds using recycled plastic, Graphic Plastic kicked off as a community co-creation project that injects life into single-use plastics. Pieces of precious commodity that would otherwise be filling up trash bins and recycling bins alike are made into sea creatures.


In the process of renewing single-use plastic as material for various creations, we can learn not only about its physicality but also history, culture, maybe even its chemistry and physics. More importantly, this process can prompt us consumers to reassess our involvement in the footprint of plastics, and hopefully propel more consciousness and proactivity.


We would love to invite you to participate in this co-creation through the repurposing of single-use plastic.

Join us in making plastic graphic! 

How can I participate?

1. Collect some plastic bottles or other single-use plastics.

2. Follow the video tutorial below to transform your plastic into scales.















3. Once your scales are ready, click here to book a slot to visit the L'Observatoire studio.

4. Come to the studio with your scales and we'll bring the creature to life!

Past Events

Open Studio invitation 31 March
Open Studio

Anne Mølleskov Open Studio

31 March '19

Open Studio

Doodle Museum Open Studio

24 Feb '19

kayu poster.jpg
Open Studio

Isabelle Desjeux KAYU WOOD BOIS

26 Jan-1st Feb '19

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