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Jasvic and Pam

Jasvic Portrait.JPG


After spending 12 years in environmental work, Jasvic now uses her profession as a photographer to express her appreciation and concerns for the natural world. She is known namely for her ongoing project, ‘Death by Man’, that  documents and investigates the impact of urbanisation on Singapore’s wildlife through stories and obituary portraits of animals. Jasvic sees nature as her biggest inspiration and constantly attempts to approach her topics in unconventional ways with the intention to spark curiosity and encourage discussions among people about the world outside.


With an endearing passion for wildlife and nature, Pam constantly redefines the notions of nature through challenging the mediocre’s understanding of the wild through personal storytelling and progressive thinking. Her creative process includes audio-visual experiments that flaunt the sublime, but liminal moments of nature. She is currently on a journey to document data of her wildlife rescue stories. Pam always approaches nature with an open mind, allowing herself to be appreciative and alive in her experiences. Witnessing positive attitude transformations amongst her social circle serves as her greatest desserts.

Pam Portrait.JPG


During their residency, Pamela and Jasvic will continue their exploration of nature around Blue House.


While roaming the forest, they imagine how to highlight the subtle beauty of nature found in most common places, through evocative storytelling. These common places are an unexpected and rich source of sounds, odours and colours. 


Eventually, through a series of experimentations with sound, photography, and found objects, the 2 artists will get together  to  create an immersive experience through which they invite the audience to question the validity of man-made green spaces posing as “nature”.

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