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Lab to Lawn
Backyard Lab

Look down the microscope, extract DNA and ask questions like a scientist.

Lab to Lawn: Backyard Lab invites you to be a scientist outside the lab, using paper microscopes, kitchen utensils and other low-key tools to embrace frugal science.

Grab a buddy and come to the backyard, pluck some fruit, turn the compost over and discover what lives there. We'll teach you some methods to observe and analyse what is at your doorstep so you can ask your own questions and lead your own investigation about what's out there. Choose to attend the DNA extraction and PCR  session to discover how to handle DNA, attend the microscopy session to view the tiny organisms living alongside us. Or attend both!

“From Lab to Lawn Where Everyone Can Be a Scientist”  is a project by Research Associate (Molecular Biology)  Vaishnavi Chandramouli, with Artist-Researcher Isabelle Desjeux (Microscopy) and Research Assistant Eunice Lacaste (Arts and Education)


The project is supported by INTRO-ECR grant from NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity 


Vaishnavi Chandramouli
Project lead
DNA and PCR facilitator

Vaishnavi Chandramouli is a Research Associate (MSC) at the Jesuthasan Neuroscience lab at NTU. She is experienced in using DNA & PCR based techniques across a wide range of applications including infectious disease diagnostics, wildlife forensics, generation and study of transgenic zebrafish. She is interested in bringing lab based techniques to the common public to to raise awareness about everyday science.

Isabelle Desjeux
Microscopy Facilitator

Isabelle Desjeux is a Singapore based artist and researcher (MAFA Lasalle, 2011). Trained in Molecular Biology (PhD Edinburgh 1995), she creates new kinds of scientific method-based artworks, encouraging others to cross the divide, taking on the role of scientist in her classes, during workshops, or in her installations. Her work is participatory and experimental

Eunice Lacaste
Tech and Education Support

Eunice is a Filipino-Singaporean visual professional taking her PhD candidacy at NTU-ADM researching on screens as exhibition spaces. She completed her MA( Asian Art History) at Lasalle where she researched participatory art practices. She creates digital artworks such as mobile applications to engage audiences.


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