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In August 2020, we went to the pet shop, bought 4 large tanks and about 40 multicoloured zebrafish with the idea to start a research station in the studio.

Zebrafish have been used for over 3 decades in the lab because of the ease of genetic manipulations, the fact that the embryos are large enough, and transparent. Techniques of manipulations are well recorded , and many do not require fancy laboratory equipment.

L’Observatoire is located in a preschool, and children are always invited to visit. Is it possible then to create a “zebrafish facility” for the preschool? One that has some equipment to help the children explore some of the questions that come from observing a living organism? A space where the children can come and visit and feel excited and curious, start asking questions and most importantly get excited about the possibility to answer these questions.

The programme involves:

- On the one hand developing tools for observation, manipulation and recording zebrafish following some explorations developped in the lab

- On the other hand listening to the questions, expectations, concerns of the students and responding to them in the studio, and responding to them by building appropriate tools

- Following the conversations that the zebrafish facility in the community brings up.

- Creating artworks based on or inspired by the zebrafish.

- Collecting the observations, drawings, comments, questions of the children over the next few months.

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