2 hours per session, 4-6pm



Cyanotype is an ancient form of sun-dependent printmaking technique which lends itself to contemporary treatments. These weekly classes are designed to progress in complexity. You can attend any number of sessions, however we encourage at least two for a more comprehensive experience.


In the first session, you will learn to create an image using the paper provided and the sun. Subsequently, we will go deeper, exploring the chemicals, different negatives or positives that can be used, and the supports (paper, cloth, even rocks etc). By the third session, you will have created some prints, be able to experiment independently and bring home a starting kit to make your own cyanotypes at home.


This workshop is tailored for adults. If you would like to attend such a workshop with children, get in touch and we will arrange a special session.

Material Provided

The starting kit consists of high quality watercolour paper, chemical solutions, quality brush.