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February 2017

"An alien wall living and breathing..."

Hashim is a multidisciplinary artist, sculptor, musician, producer, who ran his own space for a while, was even a professional photographer in New York. I know him through our time together at Lasalle College of the Arts, when we were studying for our MA in Fine Arts, back in 2009-2010. During that period of time, I saw Hashim delve into installation and performance too, all in pursuit of “Truth” and credence. He also acted in a small documentary I directed at the time.


In his own words, Hashim is a “Jack of all Trades”, and will use whatever means or medium to express himself, depending on what the circumstances require.


For the current residency, he chose a project based on a painting. Hashim tuned a wall into a 2D/3D abstract mural. Now, shapes, colours, and 3-dimensional pop-up elements bounce off the sculptural fixture. The whole thing is documented in the time-lapse video.


In his own words:


“It’s an alien wall, living and breathing, changing constantly, whimsical and unpredictable. It sings without a voice, a schizophrenic chameleon that just swallowed ten lollipops”.


To see more of his work and what he is up to, you may want to check his Facebook page.

Open Studio

Rubin held an Open Studio on the 2nd and 3rd of March. The Blue House community was invited, as well as the general public. Friday saw hordes of small people come in and look alternatively at the finished painting and the time-lapse video of the month-long process.  The evening had mostly teachers come and discuss the artwork, process, compared with children’s thought processes. On Saturday, a very relaxed crowd came in and out, taking the time to discuss all, from painting to process, music, jazz, and improvisation,  to letting children participate, and the artist’s position there.


The video has now been edited, check it out below. Make sure to turn the sound out loud, as it features Rubin’s beats too, highlighting the musical quality of the process. Click to watch it >

Exhibition Invite

Studio Installation - Exhibited Artworks

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