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Sept-Dec 2023

The Last Song


We will be moving out of our beloved studio by the end of December as the building is going back to SLA and the Turf Club area is being re-developed.

Sadly it means the end of the residency as we know it: no more space to welcome the artists.

Luckily in the 6 years since we started this residency for local artists in Singapore, the number of opportunities for local residencies have grown too, so we hope artists (especially young ones, just starting) will get a chance to continue exploring their talents!

I will continue on my artist journey, and sharing with children when possible.

Meanwhile, make sure you visit the exhibition of our  last Residency Artists: the Artists VIllage

a Landscape exhibition

A variety of media talking about landscapes: Liu Kang's oil painting of Bandong (1956) ; Cezanne's oil painting of Sainte Victoire (1906) ; Charles Lim's installation Sea State 9: Reclamation (2018) ; Anne Mølleskov's photography of Singapore (2018); Isabelle Desjeux's photography of Grandvaux (2019).

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