The Residency Program

A Month Long Program

What we offer


A brightly lit studio, approx 50sqm, accessible by ramp. The studio comprises its own toilet and sink. One large window opens onto the common corridor and onto the green field outside. Inside, you will have (some) wifi and air-conditioning.


Situated in the heart of Turf Club Road, amid lush greenery, you will experience peace. You will see the horses and the dogs going on walks. Talk a walk around and you will see and hear the numerous forms of wildlife, from hornbills to sunbirds and monitor lizards among others.


The studio is located in the school, providing a sense of belonging but also privacy as it is your own space for the length of your stay. You will be made to feel at home among the other artists in the building, the teaching team, the pedagogical team, the parents and the children. The pantry at the end of the corridor can be relied on for coffee, good food, and as a meeting place too.


From the time of your first enquiry into the residency, there will be support for your project. Isabelle Desjeux, mentor and facilitator, will be ready to discuss your project with you. From getting help from the facilities team or the office, to obtaining hard-to-get material, connecting with the right people, or navigating the connection with the school community, there will always be someone to help.

What you can offer

As artist-in-residence, you will be asked to contribute to the community. This can take many shapes. Below are some ideas to get you started in thinking about the experimental time you will spend in the space, and how the give-back time can be fully integrated.

- Informal presentation of your work practice with the teachers.

- Slideshow of your work

- A workshop for children. You might want to share a special process with the children, which you think they can engage in. The pedagogista, the atelierista, and the teachers will be ready to discuss with you first the idea and the way to do it.

- Engaging the children in an experimental process. You might want to ask them to contribute directly to what you are making, or you can invite them to look at your work-in-progress. Or you can set up observation or discussion sessions to see how the children react to a chosen provocation you can set up.

- Contributing an artwork to the community (mural, sculpture, poem, video…)

Interested in the residency?

Send us a mail, and we'll get back to you with more details!

Residency Program inquiries:

2 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287988, #02-01  |  Tel: 9273 4991 (Isabelle)


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