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Residencies 2019


L'Observatoire received the visit of 5 sets of artists consecutively throughout the year: Anne Mølleskov, Jasvic Lye and Pamela Ng, Nel Lim, Ezzam Rahman, and Jessica and Emmanuela of Applied Arts Studio.


We defined that last year, but the theme continues to evolve... This year's experimentations have mostly geared towards the natural world: Anne's excursions into nature and a wood exhibition; Jasvic and Pam's overnight experiments to feel the environment and hear it; Ezzam's use of wood. For Jessica and Emmanuela, it was the use of recycled paper that traced back to the theme of trees and nature. It was a joy for the children to have met these artists and collaborated or participated in the process.

ENTER 2020

Artists will now be invited based on the studio's thematic programmes for the year.

Stay tuned!

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