Gilles Massot

Gilles Massot

Gilles’ multidisciplinary process looks beyond disciplines to establish links between narratives, occurrences, and parts of the world. Based in Singapore since 1981, his book Bintan, Phoenix of the Malay Archipelago(2003) deeply influenced his artistic work, which now often deals with history and ethnology while conceptually concerned with the theory of photography and the phenomenon of “recording” it initiated. He recently completed a research on Jules Itier and the first photographs of Asia done in the 1840s, and is currently exploring the relations between the history of photography and that of quantum mechanics. A recipient of the French award Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, his work has been presented in over 50 exhibitions in France and Asia. Gilles also teaches at Lasalle College of the Arts.


Check Gilles’ regular update on his residency, on a photo album on Facebook.


During most of November, Gilles will be researching and reconstructing the images of Itier’s missing daguerreotypes. Do get in touch if you would like to come and see the space and the work as it evolves! During this time, the children from Blue House International School will make regular visits to the space, and depending on their interests, will be looking at the space, the images, the photographs, the quality of the photographs, the role of photography…


At the end of his residency, Gilles gave a lecture related to photography and his work. This will happen during the Open Studio, 9 & 10 of December, 2017. For more information about his work, visit his website.


OPEN STUDIO - Exhibited artworks and studio installation


Published on 24 February 2018


Written By: Melanie Lee

OH! Open House is back with a new tour line-up this year that takes participants on a thought-provoking journey back to Singapore’s colonial past with Emerald Hill’s conserved shophouses serving as a backdrop.


As Singapore prepares to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles founding modern Singapore next year, OH! Open House co-founder and artistic director, Alan Oei, felt it was pertinent to examine how colonialism has shaped Singapore.

“We all grow up with one version of the Singapore story that doesn’t address the fraught history of colonialism,” he explained during the media preview.


OH! Emerald Hill comprises three mini-tours and a finale exhibition, with involvement from 22 artists from Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, and France


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