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Patricia Zahnbrecher

July 2021

Patricia Zahnbrecher is a French artist who has been based in Singapore since 1997, having done various solo and group exhibitions as well as curating work. The framework of her artistic practice is exploring traces and memories, expressed mostly through installations, wall paintings, and multi-media. Also encompassed in her practice is the element of co-creation, a force that has driven her work of co-creating with children and adults in France, Reunion Island, and Singapore for 45 years so far.

For this residency, Patricia is exhibiting an installation of collage artworks from the project 'Seize' in tandem with hosting public workshops for families, where she introduces some of her collaging techniques in hope that they fuel the participants to create on their own.



'SEIZE' [sɛz]

Inspired by the arte povera movement,

picking up an object each day

and collecting a message.

Methodically and systematically, throughout the city of Singapore.


No filter, open eyes & heart.

The dimension is spiritual.

Categorize the productions by including a page from the Indian ephemeris.

Keep the process going until everything has been transmitted:

16 messages,

slices of wisdom.




What is special about this format of residency workshops is that visitors are warmly welcome to explore the space of L'Observatoire where various spots of curiosities lie around in plain sight, and experience the process of artmaking in synergy with what they encounter in the space.             

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